August 25, 2017

Freehold Friday: Here comes Harvey

Howdy Freeholders,

I want to extend my hopes and prayers for all the people down in Houston and in Texas who are staring down the barrel of Harvey. Y’all are looking at Biblical flooding and hurricane conditions along the coast for days, not hours. This thing is going to be a nightmare.

But it can also be a teachable moment for everyone else: Mother Nature doesn’t play by a predictable timeline. She throws us a curve every now and then so you can’t go around unprepared. Ever.

Those of you along the Texas Gulf Coast saw what happened first hand in the last 24 hours when the storm went from a tropical depression to a Cat 2 knocking on the door to a Cat 3 monster. Then, just when it looked bad, it got worse when forecasters realized the damn thing was going to slow down and stall out between two big pressure systems working their way across the country (one to the west and on the east coast).

If you weren’t ready two days ago, it’s too late.

With autumn just around the corner for those of us who actually get seasons (sorry Florida), the time to get ready for winter is now. Don’t be caught flat footed like some people in Texas and Louisiana right now—prepare and get ready.

Granted, there’s not much you can do to prepare for almost three feet of rain in a matter of a couple days, but jumping ahead of the curve and getting water and food supplies to top of your reserves before the American Idol masses panic can mean the difference between comfortably waiting out a disaster and being so hungry/thirsty you’re willing to do something stupid (like wading through waist deep water to find food) to survive.

Remember it only takes a few inches of moving water to knock you down or injury your feet/ankles. And if you can’t move on your own in a disaster environment, you’re in for a world of trouble.

So what will happen in Texas? God only knows, but all signs point to it being nothing good. We can only pray and watch at this point, hoping for the best for those who were caught off guard (like just about everyone else) when this storm literally blew up in the Gulf.

Whatever happens, we observers on the outside should make the most of it and learn as much as possible to apply to our own situations. In that way, the damage, harm, and lives lost will not have been in vain, for that knowledge may help someone else to survive next time.

In light of the unfolding drama in Texas, making a lot of announcements about my books and writing updates (there’s a lot) seems crass, so we’ll forgo that this week—except to let you know that the latest installment of the Solar Storm saga is now live. If you didn’t pick up the preorder copy, you can get your copy today at Amazon. Solar Storm: Season 2: Episode 3: ESCAPE.

Until next time, stay safe, stay dry, and keep your heads down, muchachos.