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The Future History of America Series

Alea Jacta Est

3d covers AJE

A house divided cannot stand…

Erik Larsson’s world changes forever the day the lights go out. As hours turn into days and word spreads that terrorist attacks have thrown the whole nation in the dark, Erik and his neighbors soon discover just how quickly the thin veneer of civilization can crumble: the crisis has given birth to open rebellion.

To survive, Erik must rally his community in the face of growing lawlessness. But when invasion is thrown into the mix, even the bravest of them will ask, is this the end of the United States?

Alea Jacta Est is over 650 pages of gritty, post-apocalyptic action set in America’s near future.

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Available in digital and print formats.


Sic Semper Tyrannis

3d covers SST

Freedom is never free…

Erik Larsson and his group survived the initial days of the collapse but now they face their greatest threat: the Russian army. The invasion has swallowed half of Florida and Erik finds himself on the front lines.

Struggling to be the soldier his beleaguered country needs, Erik only wants to survive long enough to bring his family and friends to safety. Across the country in Arizona, Rob Gunn and the Regulators face off against another foe every bit as dangerous as the Russians. From coast to coast, everyone caught in the crossfire—patriot or rebel, citizen or soldier—must decide: fight or die.

If Erik can evade the Russians long enough, there’s hope he and his group may survive the long dangerous summer after the collapse. But will America?

Sic Semper Tyrannis is the intense post-apocalyptic sequel to Alea Jacta Est.

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Available in digital and print formats.


Dux Bellorum


Erik Larsson survived the collapse.

He helped establish a community of survivors, a beacon of hope they called The Freehold. He watched as marauders, fueled by greed and jealousy destroyed everything he’d worked so hard to salvage. Citizen, soldier, survivor–he has adapted to the new America and survived. But can he survive long enough to make it home?

Living on the razor edge of desperation, Erik helps lead his band of survivors north to the long-sought safety of Upstate New York. As Erik, Brin, and Ted hit the long road north, they thought they’d left their troubles behind but soon discover the thousand-mile journey through a disintegrating post-collapse America to be more dangerous than anyone could have expected…

Dux Bellorum is an intense, fast-paced post-apocalyptic thriller that delivers an explosive conclusion to the Future History trilogy.

Now available in print!

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Available in digital and print format.


The Collapse Collection



The complete Future History of America trilogy.
For the first time, all three of books of the Future History of America Series are now available in one enormous book—1,861 pages of SHTF chaos, destruction, and redemption.

Follow Erik Larsson as he struggles to keep his friends and family alive in the aftermath of a massive terrorist strike that brings down America’s power grid. Sail into harm’s way as the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt heads for home waters, willing to smash through anyone who gets in the way. Join the resistance with the Arizona Regulators as they try to hold the line and protect the American southwest. Follow presidents and politicians as they tread the murky waters of international intrigue and deception.

After America falls, will there be anyone left to pick up the pieces?

Books included in the box set:

Alea Jacta Est(Book I)
Sic Semper Tyrannis (Book II)
Dux Bellorum (Book III)

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Available in digital format only.

The Wildfire Saga

The Source

A Wildfire Prequel


Chad Huntley can’t get sick.

When an influenza pandemic kills almost everyone around him, he finds himself on the run, hunted by soldiers and mercenaries, chased across a wasteland of empty houses and dying suburbs as he tries to escape Fort Worth.

Mankind’s only hope is for him to partner with a brilliant virologist to find a cure—but not everyone wants a cure for the greater good.

The Source, the first prequel to Apache Dawn, opens a terrifying window on the early days of The Great Pandemic and sets in motion the events of the Wildfire Saga.

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Apache Dawn

3d covers AD audio

Chad Huntley–The Source–is the world’s most wanted man.

He’d done his part during the Great Pandemic to help defeat the deadliest threat to face mankind in modern history. At last he can live his life, alone and on his terms. He finally has a chance at peace.

But just when things return to normal after a decade of chaos, the devastating virus returns–this time as a weapon. The unique properties of Chad’s blood provide the tools needed to craft a cure but not everyone wants the plague stopped. A team of Army Rangers is sent to retrieve and defend The Source at all costs and Chad finds himself in the crossfire. He may be the last best hope for mankind, but only as long as he can stay alive.

The sacrifices made to secure The Source will be in vain if the scientist who spearheaded the original effort to stop The Pandemic can’t be found. The invasion of America has begun and foreign soldiers are willing to tear the country apart to find him. Cooper Braaten’s Navy SEALs race to secure the virologist and his critical research but it will take all their skills and more than a little luck to succeed when Apache Dawn is declared.

Apache Dawn is a high octane military thriller for fans of post-apocalyptic action.

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Available in digital and print formats.

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False Prey: A Wildfire Novella

Bio-warfare has been brought to the West. Average citizens must fight to survive against a sickness that shows no mercy and spreads like a plague across the land.

For the quiet town of Brikston, the only way to stop the virus from gaining a foothold is self-quarantine: No one is allowed in and if you leave, you can’t come back…

But what if the enemy is already inside?

This 31,618 word NOVELLA is set in the world of Wildfire. It takes place between the events depicted in Apache Dawn and the upcoming book The Shift.

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Available in digital and print formats.

>>Now available as an audiobook!



The Shift

3d covers TS audio

America is on the brink of civil war.
His country under attack and his SEAL Team decimated, it’s up to Cooper to find a brilliant virologist behind enemy lines in Boston. With multinational troops closing in, Cooper must use all his skills to bring Dr. Boatner to safety. The fate of the world depends on it—the weaponized-virus ravaging America is mutating and time is running out for mankind.

If he can rescue the scientist, victory will be within Cooper’s reach when a bold strike, deep into Occupied California is proposed. The objective: to decapitate the North Korean invasion before civil war tears the country apart. Cooper and his surviving SEALs will be the tip of the spear—they’ll get first crack at retribution if they survive the mutating virus.

Meanwhile, Chad Huntley decides on a risky escape from Russian captivity with the help of a beautiful, yet dangerous woman named 13. For the first time since The Great Pandemic, Chad is master of his own destiny and he’s going to reclaim his freedom or die trying.

The Shift is a full-throttle thrill ride through the apocalyptic world of Apache Dawn.

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Available in digital and print formats.

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Some fires can’t be contained.
America is on the brink of collapse. The Council has revealed itself to be the driving force behind the bio-weapon that has unleashed The Pandemic upon the world once again.

There’s only one problem—The Council is now public enemy number one. Cooper Braaten and his SEALs are tasked with delivering the international cabal to justice for the chaos and death unleashed when they created the weaponized-virus. It’s mutated into a monster more lethal than anyone could have guessed, but a cure is within reach—if the Council can be stopped in time.

After a devastating attack on the U.S. Government’s ultra-secure command center, Chad Huntley—The Source—is desperate for the freedom of anonymity. As the most wanted man alive, he’s trapped deep underground, his life ruled once again by scientists. His only hope of escape and true freedom lies with an enigmatic double-agent named 13. But which side is she on?

Firestorm is the explosive conclusion to the opening trilogy of the post-apocalyptic Wildfire Saga.

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Available in digital and print formats.

>>Now available as an audiobook!


The Wildfire Bundle

3d covers ADBundle

The complete opening trilogy.
For the first time, all three of books of the first Wildfire Trilogy are now available in one massive book–1,405 pages of pandemic-induced, post-apocalyptic mayhem. Follow the saga as Cooper Braaten and his Navy SEALs fight a shadowy enemy bent on destroying the United States–and the world. Join Derek Alston’s Rangers as they hunt for and then fight to protect Chad Huntley, the man who never got sick. Stand with Denny Tecumseh as he struggles to find peace in a town tearing itself apart.

Can America survive a bio-weapon attack during a surprise invasion? Who is the Council and why are they willing to go to such lengths to cripple the United States? Will Chad Huntley ever find peace? Will America stumble down the path to civil war? These questions and more are answered in the complete first trilogy of the Wildfire Saga.

Books included in the bundle:

Apache Dawn (Book I)
The Shift (Book II)
Firestorm (Book III)

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This book is available only in digital format.

Solar Storm

Solar Storm is serialized story published in 5 episodes of about 20,000 words each. Each episode will be released as they are finished so readers do not have to wait until the entire story is written to read along. Solar Storm is a look at our future through the eyes of the average American, with an aim to educate and inspire.

Episode 1: IMPACT

Jay Cantrell will find his family…or die trying. 

He had the perfect life as a small-town librarian: married just over a year to his second wife, an airline pilot, he also has a daughter in college studying to be an astrophysicist. He’s ready to celebrate the first year of his new marriage as he adjusts to an empty nest and a new stage in life.

But the sun had other plans and sent a coronal mass ejection as an anniversary present.

Awakened before dawn one morning in mid-December by northern lights that blanket the sky—in central Illinois—Jay’s world changes in the blink of an eye. Flying a planeload of passengers to Hawaii, his wife Kate experiences the CME in a whole other light and must fight to stay alive every step of the way. Leah, Jay’s daughter, witnesses the impact through the eyes of a student far from home.

Jay must decide to stay and wait for news of his wife or leave before things get worse to find his daughter. The problem is, with no electricity, he doesn’t know how bad it is…anywhere. Will he set out to rescue his daughter and make a harrowing journey through a post-apocalyptic wasteland only to find the power is still on, two states away?

In a world where electricity is a thing of the past, can there be any hope for the future? After all, it’s not a matter of if a CME will strike the earth, but when.

This book is available only in digital format.


How far are you willing to go?

Jay Cantrell kissed his old life goodbye and started out to find his daughter. Will he have what it takes to reach her in time? The veneer of civilization is cracking all around him and he has two options: give up and become a statistic, or fight and rescue his daughter.

Kate survived the landing, but can she survive a cross-country trip in a world without electricity? From the moment she steps off her plane, Kate discovers the world will never be the same. It’s a long way from California to Illinois…

Leah faces down unrest on campus and must decide whether to stay and face starving locals or flee with other students into the vast unknown. Without a way to communication with her father, she has to put her life on the line: bug in or bug out?



This book is available only in digital format.

Episode 3: FAITH

Civilization is a thin veneer…

Jay, Leah, and Kate all witness civilization crumble as they try to survive the chaos following a massive CME event from three vantage points: on the road in the midwest, on the road in the western desert, and at college in Indiana.

On his way to find Leah, Jay is confronted and forced to decide whether to stick to his beliefs or join the rest of humanity in the ultimate struggle where only the strong survive. Will he place his faith in the goodness of mankind or in himself?

Kate, alone in the desert, comes face to face with how low people can sink in a world without rule of law. She must decide who and what to trust: a stranded woman or her training.

Leah, trapped at school in an untenable situation, finds out that privileged students at college are not immune to succumbing to mankind’s baser instincts. As she watches her campus tear itself apart when the food runs out, her faith in Jay is cast in doubt.



This book is available only in digital format.

Episode 4: ENDURANCE

Only the strong will survive…

Jay, Leah, and Kate are all tested and pushed to their limits in this exciting episode of Solar Storm.

Jay is left without a car again when his plans fall apart and he finds himself on foot, hiking through winter in Indiana to reach his daughter. Exhausted, wounded, and alone, Jay must find the will to push through and rescue his child.

Kate, back in control of her own destiny, faces a taste of the reality FEMA has delivered to the major cities of America in the aftermath of the coronal mass ejection. She must pass through the fire to return home, but only if she’s ready to sacrifice everything.

Leah and the other students left behind become firsthand witnesses to the desperation of man and what violence that can bring. They are forced to dig deep and defend themselves, or risk becoming a footnote in a new, darker history of mankind.



This book is available as a digital preorder.