Book Series by Marcus Richardson

Future History Series

When terrorists coordinate a massive attack on America’s infrastructure, international enemies strike. Those who survive the Collapse must band together to save what’s left of the country.

Complete series of 3 books and a Box Set.

The Future History of America Series
The Wildfire Saga

America is attacked with a bioweapon so dangerous, even those who unleashed it are unprepared for the global pandemic that threatens to wipe out humanity. One man’s blood holds the unique properties needed to save mankind, but not everyone wants him to help. 

Ongoing series with 6 books and a Box Set.

Solar Storm

The story of an average American family struggling to survive an enormous coronal mass ejection that obliterates global power grids and plunges mankind into a second pre-Industrial age.

Ongoing series with 5 books (look for Book 6 in the spring-summer of 2018).

The Solar Storm Series